Peak Performance

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Strategy: Selling requires Passion, Excitement and exchange of positive emotions.

We all know the value of keeping motivated. It is a key to success. If you can get yourself to take action, keep disciplined about prospecting, and focus, you will succeed. However, some people occasionally get off track or not motivated to take action.

There is no place in a sales persons game plan for: a negative attitude, bringing personal problems to the work, apathy, company issues, validating objections, or lack of motivation.

The top 1% of the selling profession, know the MUST be ON when it is game time. They have to be at their best mentally, emotionally and even physically.

If you feel your personal stuff is getting your way, consider these activities:

  • Play motivational music before your presentations and sales presentation.
  • Listen to comedy to lighten your mood.
  • Exercise each day, before or after, to get rid of tensions, or let your mind escape
  • Keep personal goals (pictures or symbols) in front of you. To keep you focused on positive activities.
  • Change your breathing. It is has been proven, deep breaths, several times a day, can help with mental thoughts and health.
  • Review your personal dreams list.
  • Review past successes in your mind.
  • Read sales literature daily. Just to keep you focused on the process, not the why you should do it.
  • Subscribe to a motivational quote service or daily inspiration
  • Listen to motivational tapes: Tony Robbins, Joel Ostein, Zig Ziglar and others.
  • Surround yourself with motivated people. Folks that can give u a kick in the pants to get going or just inspire you.
  • Focus on the process of selling, not your personal motivations. Get in the game.
  • Use positive replacement strategy. Every time you have a negative thought, you must immediately come up with 2 positive thoughts. Therefore, conditioning your mind to look for the good in every situation.
  • Create an on button. A physical state and trigger, that when fired off you are at your peak performance. Every time. It an be a visual image, auditory word, past event to get associated with, a ritual you before you sell. OR straight anchor. You fire it off, and you are ready. The fire walk experience, board breaking, winning a game, whatever it is for you.

If your professional, every time you go to sell, you are ready. Prepared. Ready. And at your PEAK!

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