Using Leverage in Stocks

December 16, 2016 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Leverage is the tool of the wealthy. Stocks have leverage. For example the following, types of trading has leverage:

  • Stocks. If u have a margin brokerage account. You have 2:1 leverage.
  • Options have 8-10:1 Leverage.
  • Futures have 25:1 Leverage.
  • Forex have 50:1 Leverage (sometimes more).

When you learn how to trade, you can use Leverage in your trading. Here is a trade I did this morning in the Futures market (in my paper account), but could of easily been a live trade. I felt the market would go up in the morning, based on some technical analysis.

Learn how to trade. Learn technical analysis. Learn options, futures, or forex.

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