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One of my mentors was a gentleman name Charles J Givens. He is best know for his financial books: Wealth without Risk, More Wealth without Risk and Financial Self Defense. Many folks do not know, he wrote a Great Personal Development book, SuperSelf. My first year working with Chuck, I spent promoting his SuperSelf and SuperMind. He taught some valuable lessons, about life, relationships, performance, and growth. Here are few of the messages I recall:

  • Let go your past, and design your future.
  • TTR. Take Total Responsibility. Where you is, is were you is. Grow from there.
  • Use loss, as motivation for action.
  • Play by the rules or get out of the ball park.
  • Use positive replacement. For every negative thought come up with 2 positive thoughts.
  • Build a blueprint of your life. Dreams, plans and actions.
  • Make Goals specific and measurable.
  • Use visualization to achieve goals.
  • Use sleep programing. Your goals on audio while u sleep to instill them.
  • Align your goals, and values. Often they are in conflict, so you never achieve the goal.
  • Use the 80/20 rules. 80 percent of your success comes from 20 of the activities.
  • Use time wisely. Arrive early, stay on time, schedule success without interruptions.
  • Schedule personal time, as well as business time.
  • Kill interruptions to your day. Phone calls, text, emails.
  • Match peak performance times to peak results you want to achieve.
  • Kill dumpers. Negative people.
  • Use commuting time wisely. Or just kill it.
  • Push past fatigue.
  • Confront fears. Act in the face of fear.
  • Exercise each day. Cut stress. Meditate.

Just a few of the messages I remember. Pick up the book. It has some great ideas.


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