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January 1, 2017 | Filed under: Business, Internet

Strategy: Use the name game to pick a name for your company and or product.

I had the rare privilege of working with over 50 plus millionaires. One of them had a cool way of picking names for products. He showed it me one meeting, and I refined it into the NAME GAME.

Recently a few ice hockey friends and I were at an adult ice hockey tournament in Las Vegas. We go to 2 or 3 tournaments, each year as a team. Any way after the games, we were enjoying a relaxing drink and complaining about what we did not like about hockey tournaments. In particular the fact we were in Las Vegas, and there were none in Florida. That spawned an idea, for doing hockey tournaments 2 times a year in Florida. Four of us decided to go into business. I mention this to demonstrate a number of strategies for getting your business up and running.

The first order of business, a company name. No one had a “cool” name for our new adventure. But in 3 minutes, we had a name. As I used the Name Game to generate a half dozen ideas. So here is how it works.

Step one: Take a blank piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.

Step two: On the left hand side write, RESULT/OBJECTIVE.

Step three: On the right hand side write, ACTION/VERB/PROCESS

Ok you are all set to create some fantastic names! Here is how it works. You brainstorm on the left hand side the page all the results, objectives you want for your business or clients. Then brain the process, or action necessary to get the result. Then simply combine all the words, separately and come up with some cool names.

Let us take a look at my hockey buddies and I creating a name for our hockey tournaments. We came up with the following result words, and action words.

Result/Objectives                                          Actions/Verb/Process
Fun                                                                              Link

Hockey                                                                         Tournaments

Florida                                                                          Connection

Tournament                                                                  Solution

Sunshine                                                                       Vacations
As a result we came up the following names:

Fun Link Fun Tournaments Fun Connection
Fun Hockey Fun Solutions Fun Vacations

Hockey Link, Hockey Tournaments, Hockey Connection, Hockey Hockey, Hockey Solutions, Hockey Vacations

Florida Link, Florida Tournaments, Florida Connection, Florida Hockey, Florida Solutions, Florida Vacations

Tournament Link, Tournaments Tournaments, Tournament Connection, Tournament Hockey, Tournament Solutions, Tournament Vacations

Sunshine Link, Sunshine Tournaments, Sunshine Connection, Sunshine Hockey, Sunshine Solutions, Sunshine Vacations

We discussed all of them. What we liked and did not. We ended up with the following names as potentials:

Hockey Tournaments
Tournament Connection
Florida Hockey
Sunshine Hockey.
Sunshine Tournaments.

Just by saying the names out loud, and or seeing them you can kind of tell which ones resonate for your business or product. For example most of us like the ring of “Sunshine Hockey” as we were going through the list (matching names). Others we liked, but not for our hockey business. Sunshine Hockey conveyed the right thought, image and concept for our fledgling new business.

At this point, once you have a half dozen names, it is a good idea to check with the state and see if the name is taken, and check on line, and see the domain names are taken.

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