Effective Design Elements

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Key Elements of Effective Design

  • Choose a clean, easily readable style typeface
  • Don’t mix too many typestyles together
  • Select a logo that is square, horizontally rectangle or circular for easier incorporation in materials of different sizes and uses
  • Make effective use of graphics — an identifying graphic is a powerful communicator
  • Add a descriptive phrase to your business card that defines the uniqueness of your business
  • Keep the layout uncluttered to focus reader’s eyes on the important elements
  • Every colour has both positive and negative associations — selects an ink colour that conveys the positives you want to project. Consult a graphic artist or printer for more information regarding the use of color.
  • Use the same ink and paper color in both your business cards and stationery
  • Add a photograph, if appropriate, to your business card

Strategy: Make the right choice of
fonts, colors, and image to match your business.

You can have a great idea or distinction but damage the company, by picking the wrong colors, fonts, or image for your business. Your image has to match your message. So let’s look at colors and print considerations for specific messages.

Color                           Meaning/Emotion

Red                              Passion, excitement, rage, intensity and action

Orange                         Warm, jovial and energetic

Yellow                          Caution, cheerful, health, clean and inspiration

Green                           Cool, natural, refreshing, and peaceful.

Blue                              Cold, relaxing, and stable

Purple                          Dignified, mystic and regal

White                           Cool, pure, clean, youth, and bright

Black                           Ominous, death, important and elegant

Gold                             Rich, wealth, and importance

Silver                            Strong, regal, smooth and flowing

Letters and Shapes

You have at your command a combination of a hundred different styles, typefaces, fonts, shapes and formats. Each kind can give a specific message to the reader. In considering your direct mail and image, you should consider the message. Find below the print characteristic and the subliminal message it may carry.

Characteristic Description of Stroke (Message)

Thick                          Strong, solid, full

Thin                              Elegant, fluid, light

Combination            Solid, movement

Round                          Open, solid, strong, jovial, and happy

Tall                               Elegant, flowing, moving, fluid

Bold                             Solid, strong, forceful

Bold Italic                   Combination. Firm, classify, royal, rich

Serif                              Fancy, royal, regal, and formal

Sans Serif                       Plain, regular, text, relaxed

Selecting the right combination of shapes, styles and formats can contribute to your image. Take a look at the various effects on a childcare business simply by changing the type/format.

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