Build a Sales Talk

January 10, 2017 | Filed under: Selling, Speaking

So. Over time I developed a “format” for a 90 minute presentation (that sells).

Section 1: Building Rapport and Setting the Stage

  • Video/Creditability/Introduction.
  • Directive Control.
  • State the Problem.
  • Hint and Lead to solution. Preframe questions.
  • Frame the event.
  • Rewards and Punishment.
  • Drive home the pain.
  • Attack the objections or their plans.
  • Offer the solution. Your product, strategy.
  • Give social proof it works.
  • Sell the dream.
  • Guarantee of Success

Section 2: The Story (Mind Read).

  • My Story. Struggle, and Mentor. (problem and solution).
  • Problem 1.
  • Solution 1.
  • Problem 2
  • Solution 2
  • Problem 3
  • Solution 3.
  • Paint the picture of what life could be like if they decided to change.
  • (stories have to be emotional, drama, exciting, fun or terriflying).

Section 3: Turn up the Pain.

  • Target the MAJOR pain area (retirement, quality of life, money, debt).
  • Provide a solution
  • Get commitment they want to change.
  • Overcome objections.
  • Death and destruction. Future pace 2 decisions. Mind read or live example.
  • Change the energy (u just beat them up).

Section 4: Your Strategy or Product.

  • Overview of concept. 3-7 key steps. Hook more steps.
  • Break down steps in to pieces.
  • Teach What, What and result not HOW.
  • Testimonials, social proof, statistics, articles, PROOF.
  • Show, a great success story. Exception.
  • Review commitment.
  • Get them to demonstrate commitment. Fill out a form, meet with coach, buy something.
  • Left side or right side.
  • Future pace positive choice.
  • Pre frame: Permission to sell, show product.

Section 5: Pitch.

  • First, you should have had “hooks” for your product in every sections. Leading them to the solution, or the product.
  • Sell to emotions not logic.
  • Ben Franklin. Deal with objections.
  • Build value. A bonus.
  • Discount incentive.
  • Stack value. Another bonus.
  • Add Scarsity
  • FREE, Scholarship, 2 for 1, Guarantee.
  • Fast Action BONUS.
  • Q & A at the back table.

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