Strategy: Use personal value and leverage to close

February 11, 2017 | Filed under: Selling, Speaking

Leverage closing uses the power of a prospect’s values to sell to them. First, you must know their values and make purchasing the product or service not go against their values. Let’s say you pride yourself on being bright, intelligent, and making sound decisions. What kind of impact does the following statement/close make?

  • “All the bright, young executives are buying this product, you’d be crazy not to. I know you’ll want to get it for use on Monday, don’t you?”
  • “Only people with sound judgment buy this product. Others don’t have the sense to go ahead. How many did you want, two or three?”
  • “Successful people are committed to education; poor people, in spirit and wealth, are always worried about the cost.”
  • “This software ensures no mistakes. Folks who do not care about being right, legal, and ethical try to do it themselves.”
  • “If you value a long-term relationship, you will join our group; or you can be a hermit, with no help or friends”

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