Selling: Takeaway Close

February 16, 2017 | Filed under: Uncategorized

People hate to have something they want or expect taken away from them. They fight to get what they can’t have or believe they deserve or are entitled to. Imagine someone saying to you:

  • I’m not sure you qualify for our product. You’ll have to fill out the order form and await approval.
  • Only a few participants are selected each year. You’ll have to put your deposit in with your application.
  • I can’t guarantee you’ll get approved today, but let’s try.
  • You have to apply for mentorship, and we only take a few folks a month.
  • You must have or earn $50k a year to even be considered.
  • With your attitude, it is not likely you will be accepted (wow, I have seen people fight to get in or correct the sales person—angry).

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