4 Steps to Ads

February 22, 2017 | Filed under: Business

A good ad grabs attention quickly. A functional ad uses features and benefits to sell with a unique combination of emotion and logic. Great ads have a strong call to order. An offer, or specific action.

In fact the skill of writing a good “ad” also can be used for writing a brochure, flyer or sales letter. Basically there are four steps to an effective ad.

Step 1: Use an effective grabber headline. Creating an ad for the ad. A reason people want read more. To grab attention.

Step 2: Describe the features and benefits of your product. These are often the logical reasons why people should buy your product. You might have 3-7 reasons folks should buy your product.

Step 3: Take the features one step further, and make them emotional for the reader. Logic does its part in the sales process, but emotion is the major seller. Demonstrate the benefits to the reader.

Step 4: Create a strong call to order and or offer.

These four elements lead to good copy. Let us look at each a little closer.

Grabber Headlines. A teaser that captures your interest and invites you to read more. Often the grabber is controversial, challenging or fun. To create interest, curiosity or a specific emotion in the reader. Therefore, compelling them to read more. A good grabber may be a question or a bold statement. Grabbers should be specific and timely. For example, “Double Your Results in less than 30 Days”.

Features. Features of the product service or offer must be spelled out in detail. Essentially, these are the logical reasons we buy or consider a product. They are characteristics of the product. What things do. An example would be a nice gold watch the following characteristics or features: gold, tells time, has a date, a second-hand, made by XYZ, and a double snap, Features are important but not the key reason people buy.

Benefits. The true reasons people buy. It is not the features that sell but what those features can do for you. And benefits are usually emotional. The more you can tie features to emotions the better you will sell. The greater the likelihood of a sale. The gold watch may not sell the watch, but the name “XYZ” name sells. Because it linked to success, prestige, or achievement. It means you have made it, you are rich, you are a success. Emotions not features or logic.

Call to action. Through out your copy you must keep in mind the need to direct people to a specific action. To take a next step to a sale or offer. There are a few key offers that work like: a free trial, discount, two for one, or rebate. Make the offer compelling.

Keep in mind when writing an ad or sales letter, it must combine logic and emotion. Key reasons to buy your product or take action. In addition you should use interesting words like:

• It is easy. People like to save time, and make it simple

• Proven Results. Driver and Analytical personalities like proof. They need to see results.

• Guaranteed. You don’t have to give a guarantee to imply a guarantee. For some people safety, a guarantee is important. “We guarantee you will love this watch”

• New. We all love new stuff. Gives us a sense of achievement, accomplishment, and even happiness. Let folks enjoy their purchase, and the sales process.

• Great. Let me ask you this question; would you like to feel good or GREAT? I know the answer. Make your product sound great. “This is GREAT product.”

• Imagine. People think in sub-modalities. Basically three ways to think and process the world. They see, hear and feel. Processing using these systems. You have to use language that appeals to all three types of folks. Therefore, speak in their language.

• Can’t do without. Implies there will be hole, or you will miss out. People are often negatively motivated. They don’t want lose. In fact it has been proven folks will do more not to lose than to win.

• Powerful. Drivers love to be in control and powerful. Use language pattern that drive them to the sale.

• Effortless. Why work hard. People like easy.

• Dreams. Dreams are often better than reality. We often want more in life. Give it to them!

• Hard evidence. Analytical folks like proof. Statistics and evidence. Use terms they like.

• Logical. People buy for emotional reasons and justify with logic. Applying logical statements in your sales script adds “reasons” for people to buy.

Adding these types of words and phrases will make your ad more interesting and dynamic. Word-smithing is a key to success in selling.

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