Dealing with “I will think it over”

May 1, 2017 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Most of the time, “Let me think it over” is a stall tactic, and not the real reason, the person is not moving ahead. Usually, it is a sign, of: Doubt, Lack of Value or Fear.  There are several ways you for you to deal with this statement, or objections. Lets look a few language patterns, that can make a major difference in your closing:

  • Question the statement. “you need to think about it?” Don’t say anything. Let them respond. Often they will tell you more information, which will allow to close.
  • I understand, but let me ask you one question? Was it the price holding you back? If no, what is the reason?
  • I hear that everyone and while. But I know, waiting is normally, a function of: Value, Doubt or Fear. Which is it? If they say none, then ask, Well what is holding you back then?
  • “That’s ok. Taking your time, means you are seriously, considering the opportunity. Just for my benefit, what are you thinking over? The price, value, or time commitment?
  • OK. Whether, it is now, later today or tomorrow, basically people make important decisions based on 3 questions. Do they want to do it? Can they afford it? And is now the time to take action? Perhaps you should asks those questions. Do you want to change your life? Can you afford? Is there really a reason to wait?

Just a few thoughts.

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