I am Allergic to Mondays… Sort of

April 2, 2018 | Filed under: Success

Ok. If you have heard me speak at a 3 day workshop, you know act some point I am gong to say, “For years I was ALLERGIC to Mondays”. I even have a couple of slides that say that. 🙂

8.5 years working at a fortune 500 firm (Rogers), made me dread Mondays. That getting up early, commute for an hour in traffic, and a full 9-10 hour day, was waiting for me each Monday.

And even after 30 years of working for myself, being in charge of my own time, I still use to get a little issue with getting motivated on Monday.

Mondays for me have meant:

  • I have to work.
  • I must be there at a certain time.
  • There is someone else in control.
  • I hate Mondays.

Well in NLP, there are a series of skills that can deal with this issue and others. I decided to change the meaning of Mondays. Now Monday for me are MONEY Days.

Every Monday, I have to:

  • Collect money. Expenses owed. Billing. I love to collect money.
  • Work on new income streams. Build one new product, service, web site or idea.
  • Joint venture. Look for a new database, I can partner with to build income for them and or me.
  • Sell something. I don’t care what. Post on Ebay. Build an Amazon store.
  • Sell an asset. Something that is not making me money, but I own. Like a “Domain Name”.

Mondays, Now MoneyDay are something I look forward too. 🙂

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