Negotiation Strategy: Good guy, Bad guy

April 5, 2018 | Filed under: Business

One of the oldest tactics in negotiation is the good guy/bad guy routine. It can be done when you have two negotiators—a team of negotiators. One negotiator acts overbearing, aggressive and pressuring while the other acts compassionate, flexible, and open.

They take turns negotiating with the opponent. Often the good guy acts as if he is on your team. Another version of this strategy is the indication there is a bad guy, but there really is not.

You will hear comments like:

  • “The manager will never go for ”
  • “My financial partner says we cannot do ”
  • “I am on your side, but the company will never allow us to do ”
  • “Other have tried that before, but this has been the companies response”
  • “My pattern says……”

You may want to request to meet the bad guy. If they exist, they’ll show up; if they don’t, you will hear some fast backtracking or excuses.

Of course, you can use the tactic too. I remember a number times saying, in real estate deals:

  • My partner will need to approve that
  • The mortgage broker, told me I can only afford…..
  • My wife will never go for that
  • The inspector is going to want you to fix that…
  • My asset protection lawyer needs this in the contract.

Good luck.

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