Laser Beam Focus

April 9, 2018 | Filed under: Uncategorized

One of my Mentors, Charles J Givens (deceased), often said you have to have laser beam focus on your goals. I really did not understand what he meant, until one day he asked me to build a product for him. A product called SuperSelf, SuperMind. As we talked about the project, he asked me for a time line. I said 30-60 days. He just laughed. You don’t understand Jim, you are going to do nothing else, but build this product. No phone calls. No emails (yes we had internal email back then), no disturbances, in fact, I cam going to give you, a layout, design, and typist to get it all done.

Well 4 days later, I had 2 new products. Done, laid out and off to the printer.

Focus on the task at hand. Make it the priority to get it done. You will be amazed.

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