Live a life of NO REGRETS!

May 12, 2018 | Filed under: Success

No Regrets! My friend Adrian. Number 64 was a great friend. The best man at my wedding. The kind of guy, that would come get you at 3am in the morning, when your motorcycle broke down on the highway. No questions, no moaning, just where are you? He died of liver cancer in his early 30’s. Before he passed, we often talked about life, dreams and all the things we wanted to do, including having our own business. When he passed, I released how fragile life was. How it can be over in a moment. How I did not want to “work” for a living. 40-40-40. 40 hours or more, for 40 years, only to take a 40 percent cut in pay. At that the moment in time, I decided to have NO REGRETS. To make life a great adventure. To never worry and live life (no matter what). He gave me the greatest gift of all. The Gift of No Regrets. Enjoy each day. Live in the moment. Don’t be average. Take risks. Have fun. Smell the roses. And make your life a master piece. Thanks Aaaggg.

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