How to overcome the Negotiation Stumbling Blocks

August 30, 2018 | Filed under: Business, Success

Every once and a while when you are negotiating you get stuck. They are fixed on their position and you are fixed on yours. In those situations, it is best for you to “explore” and see if there room for movement, common ground and even get agreement about the situation (to build rapport). Use questions, statements, and tactics to gain movement and or agreement:

  • Ask a question like, well what makes your position fair? (fair to me).
  • Ask a What if question, what if we gave you x, what would you give us in return?
  • Ask Why not consider our positions?
  • Point out you know what they are doing, show them you know what tactic they are using.
  • Ask for their advice, if you were in our shoes why would we consider that offer? Why not?
  • Ask Why are you not considering our offer?
  • Can we agree, not to play games, like…..
  • Use open ended questions, like Where, What, When, (What do you like about our offer).
  • Ask for their ideal deal. If I could give you a GREAT deal, what would it be?
  • Ask what is the worst deal?
  • Point out bad behaviors, or tricks.
  • Use silence. Don’t say anything. Even if they talk.
  • Skip personal attacks. Lots of negotiations, want to get you upset, cause they know it messes up your judgement. Ignore personal references.
  • Reframe their message. So, you don’t want to do a deal?
  • Go around them to the next level of authority.
  • Ensure the decision maker is there or get to them.
  • Re position. Things have changed, we have a new player in the negotiations. Therefore a new view.
  • Ask their opinion. Would you take this deal, why?
  • Acknowledge your agreed on points, and minimized the areas of disagreement.
  • Agree on existing points, and set a review date in the future for the balance.
  • Compliment them on their process. Wow. You are a great negotiator, you have gotten a lot, all I really want it this….. then ask for more (salami technique).
  • Ask them how we can overcome the impasse, how doe get over this?

Just some quick ideas, to get your negotiation back on track.

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