Build Rapport with Language

September 1, 2018 | Filed under: Selling, Speaking, Success

Strategy: Use Familiar Communication Patterns

There are three primary communication patterns. In technical terms, they are known as sub-modality performances. Sub-modality relates to the preferred way of processing information. We prefer to see things, hear things or touch things.

Sight: Some people would much rather see things. The visual pictures stimulate them. They store information in their minds as pictures. They see life as a series of pictures and movies.

Sound: Other individuals enjoy the richness of words. How you say something is of great importance to them. They store life and events in words, music and sounds.

Feeling: Lastly, there are those people that prefer to feel. To them, everything is feelings.

The patterns are easy to identify, just listen to the words people use. Their predicates, the words they use gives you clues. Visual folks use words like: I see, imagine this, and picture the following. Auditory folks use words like: sounds good, rings clear, or music to my ears. Kinesthetic folks like: feels good, my stomach is turning, or I feel the pressure.

If you want to sell more, use the same words that your client uses. Paint the picture for them, let them hear or feel your product. Sound good to me. Can you see how it will work. I know you feel how this can help you.

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