How to Build Rapport

September 7, 2018 | Filed under: Selling, Speaking, Success

To improve the rapport in your relationship, you may want to consider the following proven rapport-building tactics. Check them off to see what you are doing now, and what you can start incorporating into your conversations.

  1. Show gratitude for the appointment or order.
  2. Pass on compliments from associates.
  3. Avoid controversial topics such as war, politics or religion.
  4. Show respect for the other person’s time. Be on time.
  5. Learn a little bit about your prospects and look for shared experiences or values.
  6. Compliment your prospect.
  7. Be cheerful and excited about your product. No one likes a bore.
  8. Never speak badly about others or competitors.
  9. Suppress anger or irritability.
  10. Never argue or disagree with the client.
  11. Use the same type of words they use on a regular basis.
  12. Match their personality style.
13. Don’t be a know-it-all.
  13. Ask for their help.
  14. Be dependable and honest.
  15. Praise their choices and decisions.
  16. Respect the differences in people.
  17. Send a gift (if appropriate).
  18. Pass on articles, journals or interesting information.
  19. Use referrals from bosses, peers or associates.
  20. Listen. Don’t monopolize the conversation.
  21. Don’t share your problems. They have enough of their own.
  22. Use their name frequently.
  23. Find out about their dreams and share them.
  24. Follow-up as promised.

Use these strategies to build the relationship.

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