Catch the CAB to Success

September 8, 2018 | Filed under: Success

Catch the CAB to success! Unfortunately, I am a terrible speller (really don’t care buy the way). 🙂 for those who got it. I spell CAB. K.A.B.

Lots of folks like to get to a new city, rent a car, maybe get some directions, or not, and wander to a new destination. I get it, you learn the roads, the city, and eventually get there. Perhaps after multiple stops for directions or playing with the GPS. But that often requires time, and even getting lost (fairly regular, even with gps).

When I get to a new city, I take a CAB (or UBER). They already know the destination. And while they are working to get me there (driving), I can be working on a presentation, returning emails, phone calls or text. And not work about having accident while driving. The CAB often get you there quicker, with an accident, less stress, and more time for self (or business). That is Success. Success is catching the KAB and DIY.
The first step is always, find someone or some vehicle that got to the same result you hope to achieve, and use them. Hopefully, in a short period of time. Let them take you to success. Reminds of the quote about cutting your path through the forest. I would rather, follow some one that knows the path, than cut a new one. Too many times the tree falls on you, if you cut your own path. Never mind, all the cutting takes time and effort. Catch the KAB. G

KAB buy the way, is an acronym for the other key ingredients. Knowledge, Action and Belief.

K. Knowledge. As Napolean Hill said you must have specialized knowledge to successful in an area. Not generalized knowledge like a degree but specialize knowledge. And the best knowledge is hands on. A Doctor spends years, getting a medical degree (theory, classroom work). But the hands on work, the work with cadavers, making rounds, working in hospital, residency, licensing, and even advanced training in specific areas is required. A hands on, application of knowledge is always preferred. Essentially. Mentorship as you learn.

A. Action. Nothing you learn is of value, until you put it into practice. Taking the knowledge and applying it over time. . A Doctor spends years, getting a medical degree (the knowledge, the theory, the classroom work). But the hands on element is key to success. For the doctor: the work with cadavers, lab work, making rounds, working in hospital, residency, licensing, and even advanced training in specific makes the difference. A hands on application of knowledge is always preferred. I tell you how to play tennis, but the best educator, is hitting the ball. Essentially. Mentorship.

Belief. There are lots of people who know how to do things, but very few that actually believe they can do it! Until they develop that belief they fail. I often teach people how to break boards, karate style, in a workshop. I use the KAB example. If you don’t believe you can break a board, mostly you will not try, or will not succeed. Therefore, I instill in them the necessary beliefs. They are: Anyone can break a board, it is speed not strength that breaks boards, and lastly focus on the goal, not the obstacle. The last one means, when breaking the board, you focus on your hand going through the board to the other persons chest, not hitting the board.

A good belief system for life by the way. Focus on the Dream, Focus on the goal, not the minor obstacle in front of you at the moment.

If you want to make your life a Masterpiece you must learn how to be successful. Whether that is life, business, wealth, health or happiness. Take the KAB.

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