Getting Started as a Speaker

September 10, 2018 | Filed under: Business, Speaking

There are 100’s of tactics, strategies and systems to become an effective trainer and speaker. Folks often say, where do I start? So, thought I would give you a starting game.

Strategies for Speakers and getting started:

  • Set up a structure for business growth and tax advantages.
  • Work on your sales skills. Knowledge and education.
  • Work on your speaking and presentation. Knowledge and education.
  • Get business cards.
  • Buy a domain name. (Name Game).
  • Establish a web site. Word press is the best choice (today)
  • Look for free marketing opportunities. See the 21 free or inexpensive marketing article.
  • Build a budget for marketing.
  • Establish your social media (facebook business page, twitter, Linkedin)
  • Learn about SEO. How to get your page on google.
  • Focus on joint ventures. Find a data base that your product would appeal too.
  • Offer your services for free to get “testimonials” of product users.
  • Research a book. Look for best sellers on Amazon. Duplicate. Settler strategy.
  • Write a book. Or get someone to write for you.
  • Find capital to get started. Peer to peer. Seed capital.
  • Work on business credit.

Just a few to get started.

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