Take a STEP to Success!

September 30, 2018 | Filed under: Success

Strategy: When FEAR raises its ugly head, take STEP forward any way. 

One of my mentors, Tony Robbins, talks about fear holding folks back. In fact, he teaches folks how to fire walk, as a demonstration, of overcoming fear. Cause having done it my self, you do have some fear, when you are standing in front of those hot burning coals (2000 degrees). You mind is racing. FEAR can hold you back. His advice is simple. FEAR? Take a Step. That one concept got me to:

  • Walk on hot burning coals.
  • Take others across hot burning goals. Go check me out. 🙂
  • Buy a distributorship and start my own business.
  • Write my first real estate contract.
  • Write a check for 150k on an investment.
  • Get over my fear of public speaking.
  • Never be afraid of an event in life. There is always a solution and or steps.
  • Take a company public.

Over the years this one strategy has lead to my personal and financial success. AND I added to the concept or thought of a STEP.

STEP, stands for:

Strategy. You must have a plan to deal with the fear. For example if u are afraid of losing money, you have a wealth plan. A system to succeed. If you want wealth, you must have a Treasure MAP. If you want to get healthy you must have a proper eating and exercise plan. A key strategy.

Time. You must dedicate the time to succeed. Give the strategy or idea, time to grow. When I wanted to learn real estate, I dedicated 4 hours a week, for 1 year, to get started. The time lead to activities. Want to write a book? Dedicate an hour a day to writing. Want to lose weight, dedicate 30 mins a day to exercises. Even if the first activity, is going to the gym.

Experience. You need to have a mentor show u the way, but u have to put in the effort too. Education will get you to success. Look for the guide. Look for the MAP. Look to put the expert on your team. Look for the coach that has the experience already.

Persistent. Don’t give up. Yes there will be obstacles. Yes you will get stopped. But have faith. Faith in God. Faith in Self. Faith tomorrow is a brighter day. Faith if you take a STEP the result will come quickly.

Take a STEP!

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