Building Multiple Sources of Income-99 ways!

November 2, 2018 | Filed under: Internet, Selling, Success

Ok. I am doing a product about Millionaire Mind Code. Some of the affirmations, beliefs, and subconscious programming necessary to be successful investing. So, here is a list for you to consider:

  1. Passive Real Estate. Buying Rental Property that cash flows.
  2. Covered Calls. Own some stock. Rent it out each and every month, while you pray for the market to go up.
  3. Tax Liens & Deeds. Great investment. Annual returns. Florida 18 percent a year. Texas 25% every 6 months.
  4. Dividend Stocks. Get paid to own stocks. Consider Dogs of the Dow. A great strategy. 17.7 per year on average since 1973.
  5. Credit Spreads. Make your money make money. 6-8 percent a month, with high probability, less than 2 hours a month.
  6. Trade the options market. High leverage, great returns, learn to trade.
  7. Cash Back Credit Cards. Lots available that give you a cash back option.
  8. Rebates on line. There are web sites that give you cash rebates for buying from them.
  9. College Students? Sell your older text books to the next year coming in.
  10. Research on Line. Lots of folks value your opinion.
  11. You Tube Videos. Sell ads on the videos.
  12. Affiliate Programs. Amazon, Clickbank, LInkShare all give you commissions for selling their products online.
  13. Ads on you web sites. You can sell space or promote products and services.
  14.  Earn Points and prizes when searching. Do a search on line and earn points.
  15. Get paid to try offers. offer money for surveys, shopping and referrals.
  16. FREELANCE. Lots of spots out there for you to provide services to others.,, and others.
  17. Sell an Ebook. Build a knowledge based topic and sell on line.
  18. Sell STUFF on eBay. Sell your old clothes, equipment, luggage, books, electronics, or garage sale stuff.
  19. Write and Sell a BOOK. If you have valuable knowledge share with others. Self publish or publishing services.
  20. Surveys on line. Lots. Opinion Post. CashCrate. Inbox Dollars. and others.
  21. Uber or Lyft. Driving for Dough.
  22. Rent your Car. You could consider renting out your car for cash. for example.
  23. Teach a Lesson. Do you have a skill? Teach others. Or teach on line.
  24. Rent out your stuff. Craigs list, Facebook, Rent out your stuff.
  25. Sell Plasma. There are for profit groups that will pay for your blood and plasma.
  26. Write Reviews. On web sites, products, or products.
  27. Become an Expert. If you know a topic well, become the expert. Develop a blog. Sell your consulting to others.
  28. Sell Photos. Do you have some great photos? Sell them to websites.
  29. Start an Amazon Store. You don’t need products. Sell amazon product and or provide your own.
  30. Start an Ebay Store. Sell various product on Ebay.
  31. Focus Group. Research need people. Become a member of a focus group and get paid.
  32. Online Coaching. Provide coaching to clients. Tutor folks.
  33. Become a Virtual Assistant.  Help a busy person.
  34. Rent out your Garage or Drive way. Lots of folks need to store equipment, cars, boats and more.
  35. Catering. Cater parties, birthdays, and events.
  36. Baby Sitting. Not sexy, but can be profitable. Look after kids. You might even enjoy the time you spend with them.
  37. Dog Walking Not everyone can walk their dog every day. Provide a service.
  38. Handyman Work. Do you like to work with your hands. Lots of folks need a repair guy.
  39. House Sitting. Folks go on trips and vacation.
  40. Rent our a Room Air b and b. Needs rooms for rent.
  41. Movie Extra. Get paid to be around.
  42. Mystery Shopping. Test the quality of products and services.
  43. Participate in Medical Studies. Have an issue or just a regular person. Drop and medical companies need subjects.
  44. Deliver for Uber Eats. Uber eats, or grub hub. Both need drivers. Never mind regular Pizza companies.
  45. Modeling. Look good. Send in your photos.
  46. Start a Blog. Build a blog of followers the world can be yours. :). Sell product and services. Do ads. Promote workshops.
  47. Start a Podcast. Grab a mic, and start talking. Podcasts are getting popular and PAID.
  48. YouTube Channel. Get videos working for you. Add ads and you make money.
  49. Import from over seas. Selling on amazon, eBay and other sites. Ali is a good place to start.
  50. Arbitrage. Buy on one site and sell on another.
  51. Voice over Talent. Do you have a great voice. Go to and become a vendor.
  52. Odd Jobs. Visit: Craigslist, Amazon Turk, Task Rabbit or Agent Anything. Do errands, and tasks people need done on a daily basis.
  53. Sell Sperm. Yes there is market for you. 🙂
  54. Create an APP or game. Know a little about coding, internet and mobile apps. Build a app.
  55. Wrap your car. For someone else. Become a driving add.
  56. Broker Tickets. My friend Tim did this for years. Made a small fortune, and traveled the USA going to event.
  57. Sell Garbage. There are a number of business that have left over stuff, that they see as garbage but can be valuable to other. Example. Gun brass. You could collect your own brass and potentially others and resell. My brother, you to charge for TREE Removal. Then sell the wood to other. Your garbage is others gold.
  58. Buy an existing business. For cash or even seller finance. Lots of folks retire. Lots of folks get tired. Make a CREATIVE offer.
  59. Peer to peer lending. Use the money you borrow from them, to make money and pay the interest back.
  60. Play Poker. If you are good, you can make money. Ask me about paying the mortgage a few times with Horse Racing winnings. 🙂
  61. Crowd funding. Pick a business and get crowd funding to start. Or even better, provide crowd funding to others and take a piece of the deal.
  62. Get sponsored. Have access to thousands of people? Get sponsored to promote products and services.
  63. Buy and Sell Domain names. Good at find a domain name? Good at target a group that does not understand how they work. Buy a domain name, add revenue or traffic and sell it on for cash. Or just a cool name.
  64. Sell Water at event. Big crowd need water. A few cases of water, and some ice and you are in business.
  65. Start any business. Cleaning, Driving, Lawn Care, Painting, Paper route, Pet Sitting, or Consulting. It all pays.
  66. Collect aluminum cans. It makes money.
  67. Tinder. Lots of folks, sell pictures, dates, and market instagram, links. That lead to sales. I event know one real estate investor, that would have dinner, then, pass long an investment idea.
  68. Sell your idea. Sell your idea to the shark for cash.
  69. Broker the deal. There are great products out there, and great databases. Find them. Match them up and make money.
  70. Move from saving to Money market. OK. not making money but it is more profitable than, a normal saving account. Usually means you have to open a brokerage account.
  71. Cut your Interest Rate. OK. Credit cards are competitive. You can cut your interest rate from 18 percent to 8 percent. Saving you money.
  72. Gift cards. Get them? Never use them? Or just want the cash. Raise sells and buys them online.
  73. Make money with your phone. Install Shoptracker. Get tracks your buying habits. Mobilexpression does the same.
  74. Get rid of all those extra items.
  75. Google Ads. Put ads on your web site and make money.
  76. Contests. Ok. Takes some luck. But the prizes are real.
  77. Lose Weight and Make money. Healthy Wage allows you to gamble on your weight loss. Check it out.
  78. Prepare Taxes. No nothing? Get tax service providers to teach you.
  79. Place ads on your car. Similar to car wrapping. Place signs on your car for various business or individuals.
  80. Sell your hair. Yes. Folks want your hair. Go to Hair Price Calculator.
  81. Referee. Love a sport. Become a referee. They need them. Local or national.
  82. Ask for a raise. If you do a great job. Get paid more.
  83. Cut expenses with coupons. I am not a cheap guy. But cutting 10-20 on life expenses puts more money in your pocket.
  84. Sell your cell phone (or other gadget).  Or others for cash. Gadget Gobbler. Gazelle. Usell.
  85. Collecting Leads. Good at capturing interest? Providing leads to others. Consider collection of lead on line and selling to others.
  86. Webinars. Ok. I love this idea. Have a product or service? Know your Pitch. Build a 55 minutes pitch and go to others databases. A weekly webinar, can be very profitable.
  87. Sell your system.  If you have a winning anything, you can develop into a product. And sell on line.
  88. Sell your Internet Skills.  Become good at social media., programing, web design, or logs, and you can sell your skills online.
  89. Flip web sties or Domain names. Great idea. buy a domain or web site add traffic, revenue, and flip on
  90. Temp Help. Lots of temp help companies.  Data entry. Sales. Events. Typing. and other services.
  91. Distribute Flyers. For local companies.
  92. Pawn your car (assets). Get the money and use that money to make money. My friend Noah became a trader this way.
  93. Tap the Equity. If you have equity in your house, borrow against it, and make money on the difference. Here is a simple, relativity safe example. Borrow equity out of your house at 4-6 % a year interest rate, investing in tax liens at 8-25%  a year. Simple math, great result.
  94. Become a Human Bill Board.  See one of those sign guys. They make money.
  95. Build a Database. Sell or rent it out. List broker pay money for data bases.
  96. Pooper Scooper. Provide a service. You might even sell the proceeds. 🙂 fertilizer.
  97. Creative? Slogan Slinger. Slogan slingers. Get a slogan. Give it your best creative. You could score big time.
  98. Lower your interest rate. You may not know this, but interest rates are flexible. Often you can but them with a phone call.
  99. Lower your student debt. A company like credible can help you lower student debt. just remember ROI is more important than debt,

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