Are you Getting Boiled to Death?

November 9, 2018 | Filed under: Success

Many of us have heard the story of the frog, and hot water pane. If you try to put a frog in boiling water, they will immediately jump out (before dying). But if you put the same frog in comfortable water, and raise the temperature slowly, they will boil to death.

I take that metaphor, as an example of working for living. Slowly, you are being boiled (to death). And because it is slow, and comfortable, you do nothing about it.

Imagine, if the you were told the JOB means:

  • Just Over Broke,
  • your retirement will be poor,
  • you will likely have to work after age 65,
  • your will pay a fortune for health care, and life will be tough.

XX!S?!! You would jump out of the pot in a heart beat!  YET. Most folks will not. We are so comfortable with the job, the pay check, and limitations.

They will go to the grave, getting boiled a little each year.

There are other choices! Take control of your investing, start a small business, reduce your taxes (with tax knowledge), cut your life expenses, get a better ROI, start investing real estate and get that internet business up and running.

JUST a thought. Or you can enjoy the hot tube, death.

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