Does Your Selling or Presentation Need a shot of B5!

November 28, 2018 | Filed under: Selling, Speaking

You may not have heard of the B5. A vitamin for a sick closing presentation. I created it (the cure) while listening to my friend Brian Tracy talk about closing recently on an audio file.

It kind of summarizes a few concepts, he and I discuss with sales people, business owners, and speaker on a regular basis.

B1: Belief in Yourself. 51 percent of closing is faith yourself, and faith in your product. I know this personally and professionally. When I go into a sales presentation, I often say to myself over, and over, before the event or call. EPIC, EPIC. I am going to be EPIC. Energy. Passion. Influence. Closing.

B2: Bounce Well. If you get rejected down’t take it personal. They are rejecting the offer, the product, the timing, the cost, not you as an individual. Funny how a few NO’s can lower our self worth. Getting us to guess where or not we are a good person? Have selling skills? or have a good product? So. I look as a non sales as:

Some will, some won’t so what. Does not bother me.
NO. I am a little dyslexic. NO, means ON. I need to turn on the sales machine.
Each No. Gets you closer to yes. Everyone has an average. Number of prospects, and resulting sales.

B3: Benefits of Your Product. No sale happens, unless you give folks an emotional and logical reason to buy your product or service. KNOW your product. Features. Benefits. How it will save money. Make money. Save them time. Ensure they don’t make a mistake in life. Provide support, and build relationships with them. And of course have fun with you and your product. Build a selling presentation that demonstrates, the logic reasons to buy, and emotional turn ons as well. HIT all 4 social styles.

B4: Break Objections. Usually when you are closing there will be some sort of objection. Time, Money, Fear, Spouse, DIY, or even a delay tactic. Know how to deal with them upfront, before they happen. And expect them to surface in your close.

B5: Be BOLD! As my friend Damien, likes to say, be BOLD and ask for the order. 80 percent of all sales happened on the 5 or more close. You have to ask for the order. Trial close regular. Confirm acceptance of benefits or proof. GET YES over and over. It is a good idea to know at least 5 different ways to close the sale. If you need help? Drop by

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