Dream, Drive, Dare, Do & Determination

November 30, 2018 | Filed under: Success

Built this Dream Form years ago for myself. . Just happened to find it.

Most folks wish for a dream to become true. You need MORE! You have to plan for it to come true. Steps. Drive & Determination. I built this CHEAT sheet for me, but you are welcome to borrow it.

1. Dream. List your Big Dream. One big dream. or goal.

2. Drive: Why do you NEED to have the dream. Logical and emotional.

3. Dare: What are you prepared to risk. Emotions. Money. Relationships.

4. Do. Steps to accomplish the dream.

5. Determinations: When times are tough, and you think you will not make it, what will keep you motivated to accomplish the dream.

Written dreams and goals are more likely to happen. Or so the study says. 🙂
OH PS in case you are wondering if it works. I have:
  • Traveled the world. UK, Canada, Bahamas, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Africa, Australia, Singapore, etc.
  • Gone Safari, bungie cord jumped, sky dived, flown a plane, walked on glass, and fire.
  • Bought real estate, traded stock, made profitable web sites.
  • Been married for over 30 years.
  • Taken a company public.
  • Raised great kids.
  • Reached Millionaire status Oct 9 of 1997. Not that I have kept all of it. 🙂
  • Work when I want to for whom I want. Often myself, but worked for others too.
  • Build 16 seminar companies. 2 for myself and 14 for others.
  • Owned a race horse.
  • Played at the 100 blackjack table for days.
  • Played hockey till I was 55. One of my goals. by the way.
  • Owned the Gold and Diamond watch(s). rolex. Baum Mercier
  • Driven my Porsche, and Mustang,
  • Owned a 3 acre ranch with horses. Ouch. So much shxx to clean up. 🙂
  • Trained folks all over the world.

More toys, dinners, drinks, friendships, emotions, and adventures, than most can imagine. Perhaps it is your turn.

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