Dogs of the Dow-17 % on average a Year! Easy to Learn

December 10, 2018 | Filed under: Stock
Looking for a simple investment strategy, that does better than mutual funds?
Investing, or trading can be very challenging. Learning Fundamentals, Technical patterns, Candle stick patters (see some flash cards below), and trading systems. These over time, can make you a GREAT investor or trader.
But if you want something, quick, easy and reasonably successful. Consider: Dogs of Dow Strategy. Since 1973 Dogs, have averaged over 17 percent a year. The Stock market averages about 7 percent a year, buy the way.
It is a one year trading system. And you have to be in for several years, to get the full effect. So, you need to think, I am going to do dogs, for the next 5 years. You can learn the system in 20 mins. Simply go to (no affiliation to me). It clear, show the data, and how to trade the system. Basically you buy 10 stocks first trading day in January, and sell the last trading day in Dec of 2109.
Want a simple tool to learn candlestick trading patterns? Check out these flash cards on Ebay. They are inexpensive. 

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