“3 Steps to Writing Good Copy that Double Results!”

January 22, 2019 | Filed under: Selling, Success

Imagine how many more sales you will receive using these 3 simple steps.

I am boning up on writing good copy. Reviewing all the books, self study, and educational materials in my library. Reading some great tips and gems. Always good to get out of your RUT, buy looking at other work (yes I know I spelled BUY wrong–Go read my hypnotic suggestion stuff). 🙂

SO. A great time for ads, letters, post cards and web sites is to:

  1. Write a Grabber Headline that speaks to key elements of your product or service. I have a Speaking from Stage product. Sales training and techniques for Speakers. I might decide on what outcome speakers want? What benefit? Then write to that benefit with my GRABBER. Perhaps someone like: The 3 Keys to Ensuring Your Audience Runs to the back table to Buy Your Product. (I know sales speaker want to sell and love a “Rush”).
  2. Interesting Statistic. A study shows, that “Headlines in Quotation Marks” attract 28 percent more attention, then those that do not. Headlines capture attention. So 28 Percent is Important.
  3. First Sentence. The first sentence of the letter, ad, web site, needs to be strong and powerful. It reinforces the headline, set the tone and position for the rest of the material, and needs to enough of a hook, to keep the reader engaged. SO. I might for Speaker training, say: Picture yourself, as dozens of clients, run to the back to buy your product and service.

Some other considerations for good ads are:

  • Typeface can influence reading. The most common text to read is times roman.
  • Photos can improve results. So test them.
  • Width is important. Make sure it readable. 7-10 inches minimum.
  • Use a bonus to get impulse purchases.
  • Ask for the order. Order form. Call to order link. or phone number.
  • Have a guarantee.

Happy writing. 🙂

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