EPIC. Energy. Passion. Influence. Closing.

February 3, 2019 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Sales Tip: Always Close Yourself First. 

I know you must be in a GREAT frame of mind, when you speak from stage or sell. Therefore, positive self talk before a meeting or event, is always good. Tony Robbins has a ritual before speaks. I do too. I say to myself the word EPIC. This is going to be EPIC. Energy, Passion, Influence, and Closing. So. I am focused. And have no negative self talk. 

It is also, a good Idea to have supporting beliefs about selling. You might consider, sooner or later adopting a few of these beliefs. 

• I believe in my company and product.
• I can close anybody. 
• I can sell everybody. 
• I know dozens of closes.
• My price is justifiable. 
• I need and deserve the sale. 
• I am a great closer. 
• NO need to call back, I’ll close the sale today.
• I can deal with a variety of people. 
• I’m confident. 
• No shaking, waiver or stumble under pressure.
• I have no weak points in my presentation. 
• I know lots of closing questions. 
• I can get anyone motivated to action. 
• I help people make decisions. 
• I help people. 
• I read customers well. 
• I present well. 
• I always ask for full price. 
• I always get more than expected. 
• No one can’t afford this product. 
• Everyone should have this product. 
• I deal with objections easily. 
• I realize 80% of sales come on the fifth close. 
• I apply as much pressure as needed to get the sale.

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