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Set Your Dreams FREE

Dreams are the prisoner of doubt and fear

Many folks do not live their dreams, because they are held hostage by their own limitations. And I mean self limiting beliefs. NOT real.  If fear or doubt holds you back you must have a few strategies for killing the fear. To eliminate doubt. To live your dreams. 

Strategy: Take a step anyway. 

John Wayne said “Courage is being afraid and saddling up anyway”. Successful people realize that on the other side of fear are your dreams. Just take a step. I have done a lot of fire walking in my life. Actually taught fire walking too. Do you know there is a trick to fire walking? See if I can get you moved to do the first step, you are very motivated to take the rest. JIt is true. If I can get you to take that first step you are on the path. The hardest step is the first one. The rest are easy. 

Strategy: Get a mentor

When you do not know, you often create issues and doubt that are not real. You create issues, you create problems, you look for excuses not to try. Well, that would never work. I can’t do that. Mentors squash that thought process right away. Because when you say, you can’t figure it out, they often know away to success. Mentors are worth their weight in gold. You can spend years looking and panning for gold. Or they can show you were to find it right away. I know the value of time. While other are trying to figure it out themselves, I have a mentors show me the quick way to success. 

Strategy: Push Past Your Self-Imposed Limitations

Ok. My high school guidance councilor said base on my aptitude test, I would be a good electrician or cable service repair guy. Than god I did not listen to them. Or create limitations about what I can do in my life. Too many people fall into a BOX. This is whom I am. Or worst come up with limitations. “I am not smart”, “I am too old”, “I could not do that”. What ever you believe you achieve. Start with breaking out of the box. Start with a better self concept. Start by believing you are capable of great things. 

Dare to be Rich as well as do much more with your life. Travel the world. Send your kids to the college of their choice not the college down the street. Build a business. Write a book. Make 5 million or more.  Have the house at the beach. The hot car. You deserve more in life. 

Believe, and Achieve. 

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