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Christmas TRADE Rocked!

If you are part of my Trading Inner Circle, you have access to my Credit Spread Trades, Adjustments, Covered Call strategies, and SPOT trades.

Pretty much every year, in December I talk about the BEST 6 WEEKS to invest. December 1 (or first trading day), to January 15th.

On average the market (Dow) goes up 9 percent during this 6 week period. Now buy the dow, would be hard. Just based on price. But we can buy the DIA (derivative of the dow). And options will give us leverage.

Well. I posted this trade in early dec, just closed out jan 21. For a 7!% PROFIT. So cool.

You need to learn how to trade. You need to learn how to protection your account. You need to stop trusting others, and trust yourself (with a coach)!

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