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Tony Robbins Influence

I was interviewed recently, and asked the question, who had the greatest impact on you as a mentor and coach?

Well, I had say, I have had some wonderful mentors. Personal Development (Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins), Business (cliff Williams), Stock trading, Real Estate, Tax, Asset Protection and more.

In fact, I have spent time with 50 plus millionaires and 3 billionaires. Always asking them what they believe, what they do, and more. It is the bases of my M2: Method and Mindset for MILLIONS book. Writing right now. You will love it and profit from it too. Buy the way, if you want to get an early look at the content FOR FREE. Go to and drop off your email. Immediately, you will get access to 21 FREE lessons about 30 minutes each. No credit card. No post offers. 100 percent FREE.

I had to say TONY ROBBINS.

Then the second question was why? What did he teach you? I said a few things:

  1. Manage Your State. You control how you feel. You control your energy. It is 2am as I write this. Tired. But keeping my focus and energy up to finish. I could easily say, I will finish tomorrow. But I want it done.
  2. There are no Limitations. Except the ones I create. I was talking to a friend in the UK several years ago, and he said “I have to get out the box” “I have to get out my comfort zone” Each time I said what box. What zone. I don’t have a box (any longer). Don’t have the money, find a creative solution. Don’t have the time, make some time. You create your limitations. Often with the words, I can’t…. I always ask “How can I” “Who has done it before”

Met Tony in my late twenties, now 63. I wrote 168 goals in a journal with Tony. I have lived 163 of them. Some I still have no idea, how I got them.

Like taking a company public which I did in 1997.


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