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Trust an Investment advisor or Trade Yourself?

I spent 6 years with a great financial and business mentor Charles Givens. He had over 500,000 members at one point, and did seminar all over the USA. On Oprah and dozen other shows too.

He taught over 400 financial strategies. Had a couple great books. Wealth without Risk, More Wealth without Risk, Financial Self Defense and SuperSelf and SuperMind. Sound financial strategies.

Originally, I believed in Mutual Funds. A no load product (which means no commissions). I really did not know much about trading. Except the concept of CANSLIM investing.

I decided to get my investment licenses. Ending up getting a Series 63. 65, 6 and 26. That is where I learned a broker knows very little about the stock market. At least how to trade it.

The good brokers or advisors, continue with “other” education, to learn how to trade. Which is what I did. Over 40K on stock trading courses. Fundamentals. Technical Analysis, Futures, Forex and more importantly systems and strategies.

I also learned things like”

  • There are investment vehicles out there that advisors don’t tell you about, cause they don’t get paid (no commissions). Example Tax Liens and Deeds, 3200 counties, that give 8-25 percent (or more) per year on investments.
  • 9 out 10 mutual funds managers cannot beat the overall performance of the S & P 500. So why not just invest in ETF of the S&P 500.
  • Dogs of the Dow strategy has average about 18% on average per year since 1973. while the stock market on average does 7/8 percent. Takes 20 minutes a year.
  • You can RENT your stock out each month.
  • Leverage is a key to wealth. Options, Forex and Futures have leverage.
  • Credit Spreads you can earn 6-8 percent per month, win 9 out 10 times, and it takes 30 minutes a month.

Therefore, if you know how to TRADE, you can do better than trusting someone with your money. LEARN and EARN!

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