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3 Strategies to Deal With Objections

Professional sales people expect objections, in fact many plan for them. They specific part of their presentation planned to deal with the common ones. Here are three techniques to eliminate or minimize objections.

Strategy: Plan standard responses to common objections.

The best salespeople know almost all the objections to their product and the appropriate response. In fact, most likely they have several responses to specific objections. Planning your response will lead to additional sales. You’ll feel more confident and enjoy, even look forward to objections.


  • Too Expensive. What is the cost of ignorance? Your life dreams? Your lifestyle? You have already lost a few hundred thousand in missed deals. What is that compared to the small interest on a credit card each month.
  • On Demand not live. Many people find on demand to be better. There are no bathroom breaks, straight content. You can start and stop when you want. Go over 3 times, if you did not understand the first time. Actually more content per minute than a 3 day workshop.

Strategy: Ignore the first objection.

Ninety percent of all first objections are false. They are just excuses. By ignoring them you are discounting their value. If they are important, they will come up again. Simply say: “Let us put that a side for a moment” And then never come back to it.

Strategy: Minimize the objection with product values.

Purchasing decisions seldom focus on just one element of a product. It is the overall package that must be considered in the decision. Your job is to remind the prospect of the product values or introduce additional benefits to build product value. Essentially doing a Ben Franklin close. Load up one side with all the benefits, and the other with the objection.

Objection: I cannot get delivery for 10 days.

Response: You know, Mr. Smith, as we discussed the program will save you $500 and help you plan that vacation trip for the family. Don’t you think the small delay of waiting 10 days so you can save the $500 is a smart decision?

Key Language: “As we discussed (review the benefits you talked about with the prospect) don’t you think it is a small inconvenience to…?”

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