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7 Strategies to Kill Objections

Here are some quick ways to deal with objections

  1. Ignore the first objection. Ninety percent of all first objections are false.
  2. Minimize the objection with product values. Purchasing decisions seldom focus on just one element of a product. It is the overall package that must be considered in the decision. Your job is to remind the prospect of the product values, or to introduce additional benefits to build product value.
  • Objection: I don’t have the time
  • Response: That is the exact reason you should do this program. So you have time with your family, and enjoy life. Let’s look at this logically, let list all the reason, you should do it. Now the time issue.
  • Key Language: “As we discussed (review the benefits you talked about with the

Prospect), don’t you think it is a small inconvenience to get 2 million in 3-7 years…?”

  1. Use the objection as the reason to buy the product. To destroy an objection immediately, use it as the reason to buy your product. Create a reason why that exact objection is actually a reason to sign.
  • Objection: It costs too much!
  • Response: That is the exact reason you need this product. If you cannot afford the program, it     means you need help with money management. Your job is not cutting it.
  1. Turn the objection into a question you can answer. This will usually remove the objection.

The question should lead to a benefit of your product.

  • Example Objection: The cost is too high.
  • Response: Is it really the cost or a question of the value? Our product does X, Y,and Z.
  1. Pre-Frame the objection, so you only deal with one or two not many objections.
  • Look there are about 6 possible reasons, folks will not do our program. But 3 of them are excuses. What it really comes down to is: Cost, Time and Fear, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Then deal with all 3 objections at once.
  1. Feel, Felt, and Found. And old 3 step process to deal with any objection.
  • Example: Fear of the unknown.
  • I can understand why you might feel that way, other folks have felt that way in the past, But this is what they found……
  1. Get the client to answer the objection for you. There will be a time when you don’t have a response to an objection. The easiest way to solve this is to restate the objection back to the client.
  • Example: It cost too much.
  • Response: It cost too much? Really? Compared to what? Being broke in retirement? 

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