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ABC Always Be Closing

I am amazed at how many salespeople and presenters believe that giving the presentation is the job. It is not.

The sale is the most important part of the process. That means each word, each statement, each action, each question should be deliberate, and move the client closer to buying the product. Even a story or joke should have a purpose to bring you closer to the sale.

Whatever your presentation, your actions need to move prospects closer to yes: Build rapport; talk about common experiences and values. See a fish on the wall, and remember that great fishing trip in Canada. Pictures of the kids on the client’s desk get your family story ready. People like people that are like them.

Induce reciprocation by giving folks something of value (time, energy, effort, and gift). Even if it as simple as compliment, or token gesture to make them have a better day. I use to carry with me the equivalent of a fortune cookie. It was actually a small pull tab card, which had a motivational saying under the tab. I would give it to them at the end of the meeting. Can’t tell you how many folks said thanks, and or asked for me for more of them.

Kill an objection long before it pops up in the conversation. Don’t wait for the objection; plan to answer the common objections during your talk and presentation. That way, you can deal with it effectively upfront.

Condition responses in the audience or client. Sounds weird, but you can “lead” a prospect.

Questions are effective techniques, even if it as simple as asking them “yes” questions, that get them to agree with you. Your name is Jim, isn’t? You are interested in saving more money for your family, aren’t you? You are considering improving your current lifestyle? All yes questions for the average person. It makes folks more apt to say yes to the next question or statement.

Ask closing questions. Does that sound good? We moving in the right direction? What is our next step? Would you consider this? Always Be Closing.

Create pain with existing products. Sometimes we have to point out the problems to get to the solutions. Reminding folks of the pain their life or business, can be a necessary step to

YOU MUST ask for the sale! ABC. Always Be Closing.

Does that make sense? no dollars. Are moving in the right direction? Are enjoying these quick ideas? Do you want to learn more? If you learn more you earn more? Who wants more? Did you enjoy that one? Could you see yourself using it? How could that change your life? Would it be better?

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