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Attack Their Existing Plan

The average person is doing the 40/40/40 Plan. Working 40 hour or more each week for 40 years, only to take a 40% pay cut at the end. The problem is that often do not see the end, until it is too late. Generally they are happy about their life. Not deliriously happy, just… Satisfied. Comfortable.

There you must disturb their current level of comfort. Get them to realize the cost. Realize the outcome. Areas you might attach are:

  • Current saving for retirement. The fact it is not going to last.
  • Working too much.
  • Missing out on family events due to work.
  • Health issues surrounding stress or work.
  • Poor returns (stocks).
  • Others are head of you.
  • No plan for retirement.
  • No enjoying life. Travel. Fun. Toys.
  • Consumer Debt.

Strategy: Use questions to attack plans

The best way is to ask probing, specific, wounding questions. Examples:

  • Do you ever find more month left than pay check?
  • If you have worked 20-30 years, are you half way to your retirement number?
  • Are you a slave to the job? Working 40, 50, 60 hours a week?
  • How are your mutual funds working for you?
  • When was the last time you took a vacation, just cause you could, any time?
  • Are you sending your kids to the college down the street rather than the college of their choice?
  • How many want to work another 20 years?
  • Social Security pays $900-1200 per month, can you survive on that?
  • Are you getting 50% returns.
  • What kind of leverage are you getting in your investments.
  • How can you trust a broker with results like that?
  • The next 10 years the market is going sideways.
  • Who is giving you money advice, recommendations and strategies?
  • Millionaires do this, why are you not?
  • How much do you have saved for retirement?

Attacking their plan leads to dissatisfaction and an emotional response which can be a very powerful

Closing tool! This is really important if the class, prospect is not responsive.

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