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Break Through Obstacles

Folks often say to me. No matter what happens, you always seem to remain optimistic and positive. And it is true.

In fact I have had my share of obstacles both personal and financial. Only a few folks know my past turmoils. Cause I don’t believe in wallowing in the shit. It gets on you and sticks to you. I would much rather see the obstacle and say to may self: 

  • How can I get over, around or under this? 
  • Can I use this event to actually do something good?
  • What lessons am I learning about this situation. 
  • I know I can beat this thing. You can. 
  • I must be the victor, not the victim. 
  • How can this be a GOOD thing in my life. 
  • I am stronger than this set back. You are!
  • Others have had it worst, and the triumphed. Why not me?
  • Is this going to matter, at the end of my life? 
  • The bigger the obstacle, the bigger I have to be. I AM!
  • How can i use this obstacle, to get closer to my goals. 
  • I have faith. Faith in God. Faith in Self. Faith tomorrow will be a brighter day. 

No matter what the obstacle, you can beat it, or use it, if you choose to look at that way.

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