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3 More Closing Techniques

Strategy: One Reason Close

Prospects usually have lots of reasons not to buy. If you let them, they could spend all day giving you tons of reasons. You need to find one reason that, if dealt with, will motivate them to action.

  • I know there are a few reasons you may not buy today, but what is the one key reason that’s holding you back? The one major issue.

The resulting answer is the only one you’ll have to overcome. Always remember, after dealing with an objection, always close…….

Strategy: Minor Question Close

The minor question close is similar to the alternative choice close. The difference is that you ask a processing question, not a choice of two orders.

  • Is your name spelled with an “F?”
  • Do you want the extra service contract?
  • Is delivery on Monday okay or would Tuesday be better?
  • Did you want a red tie with the jacket?

The response to all these questions is a purchase. What are some minor questions you could ask?

Strategy: Reframe Close

To steal the power of an objection, whatever it may be, use the objection as the reason for purchase. Try the “I have no money” objection.

That’s the exact reason you should purchase this product today! You can’t afford to be without it. It will help you save money/make money.

Confront the objection and have a logical statement of why they need it. Follow up with an action close (blank order, alternative choice).

Strategy: Contrast Close.

Have you ever walked into a clothing store to buy a suit? You meet a very helpful sales clerk.

Before you know it, there are seven suits in front of you with dozens of ties. Then you think of the cost of all these suits: $2,000-$3,000. All of a sudden, buying one doesn’t seem so bad. The contrast close works on the power of contrast. Small numbers seem insignificant compared to large numbers. How can you use this closing technique?

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