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Ensure the Team is on Your Side

  • Plan the event down to the last detail and hand-out. Know when to give out brochures or handouts.
  • Sales team that interacts with students (they must build rapport). Mornings, and Lunch are the best times to build rapport.
  • Create Reward/Punishment. Direct the audience to positive behaviors.
  • Interact at breaks between instructors, team and students. Drive students to the team at the break.
  • Control the hall way discussions. Intercept group discussions in hallways. Find out what is going on.
  • Intercept group leaders, and get them on your side. Usually they are strong personalities that can influence the group. Get them on your side early.
  • Reinforce Success/Failure behaviors. Prizes. A bonus. Recognition.
  • Set rules for Acceptable/Not acceptable behaviors. Rule can control an audience.
  • Expect common behaviors – for example, the Impatient Driver (Spade type) personality. You know he is going to say I have not learned anything.

Strategy: Are You Ready?

Did you spend time this week getting ready to sell? Read a strategy? Learn a new close? Are you putting aside all your problems, thoughts, personal issues, and focusing on the student and selling this week?

Have you:

All your hand outs ready                   

Managed your emotions (peak state)            

Left your problems at home

Prepared for objections                      

Put a smile on your face                                

A success story ready

You personal story                            

Prepared closing questions                            

Practiced a ben franklin

Plan the work, work the plan. Are you prepared emotionally? Are you in a peak state, ready to deliver? Is there some regular process you could do to be in a powerful state (anchor), such as music or some comedy audio to put you in a good state of mind? I like using the same music before I speak.

Strategy: Have a working seminar, and sales plan (in writing).“Jim’s Cheat Sheet” (because there are multiple instructors):

  • Pre-class music and slide show to be started at 8:30 am.
  • Introduction of coordinators will be at 9:30 am, so be in the room. Note, you will need a 60-second intro for yourself, and the reason students must visit you during the day (i.e. “I know pre-foreclosure, and if you visit me, I will give my number one strategy for opening the door”).

10:45am I do an ID session of students. Be in the room and taking notes.

11am break. Play Day 1 morning songs from iPod. Ensure the 11 commandments article is available for students. Ensure you step from behind the tables, and meet and greet students. Give at least three students a gold coin for talking with you.

  • Lunch break. Play Day 1 lunch music. Ensure the PP presentation; testimonial loop is playing at the front of the room. Give students the credit card handout. Ensure you step out from behind the tables and meet and greet students. Note, you must be available for students for lunch; therefore, you need to take a staggered lunch during class.

Ensure you have a detailed plan of activities, standards and timeframes. Plan your work. 

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