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Football Lessons

In high school and university (college) I played football. It was always a challenge to play, to make the team and to start. I was 5 for 8 inches (not tall), and high school 145 pounds, and college 168. Not the biggest, fast, or strongest. BUT I did have Heart. And some times desire, persistence, and faith is enough to get you what you want in life.

I recall spending all summer gaining weight (high school to college), and working out 1 to 2 times a day to get “make it”. I was fairly demoralized, when I show up at tryouts, only to find there were 110 defensive backs trying out for 12 positions (some which were taken by returning players). But I stuck with it, waiting every day to get “cut”, but giving my all (and more), every day. Strangely, I made the team. But did not start that first year. Did play in a few games mid year and toward the end of the year started. And once I started you were not getting that position back. I owned it till I graduated.

Football to me was life, and it taught be a lot about life. These are my lessons, hope you can use them.

  • Coaches will get you there quicker than trying to figure it out yourself. In life i have had dozens of coaches, I listen, and follow their game plan. Football, Real Estate, Business, Trading and life.
  • Listen and use the information, from better players, and coaches who have gotten the results you want. I am sure I made the team on some ideas, suggestions and strategies from Cowboy (the captain of the team).
  • Discipline every day, will make you stronger, faster and win the game. Nike is right. Just do it. Don’t think. Just do it.
  • NEVER quit. NEVER give up. NEVER surrender.
  • Heart. Desire. Will get you to your goals. If want it bad enough, and you work hard enough, you will get there.
  • Work harder than others. If you do what others won’t, you will have what other don’t.
  • You will not alway win, but if you leave a full effort on the field, you can be proud of your play. I always give my all.
  • Bounce. After a bad, play, game or outcome. Come back refreshed, alive with faith and positive attitude. Nothing matches a wining attitude.

Hope you take some of these advice and use it now.

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