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Pumpers and Dumpers

Often in life, we do not choose our family, work associates or even friends. They just some how wind up in our life. Not a conscious process of selection. Some are great friends or family member you want to keep in your life, some you want to ….. KILL. 🙂

One of my mentors decades ago Jim Rhon said “You are the sum total of the 5 people you associate with on a regular basis”. Want to get better hang out with better people. Want to get rich, hang out with wealthy people. Just from osmoses you will pick up ideas, concepts, beliefs, and strategies. It is true.

The opposite is true too. Hang out with people that steal your dreams. And they are gone. Hang out with a friend or co worker that has a bad attitude. Soon, you will be bitching too.

In fact in life, love, business, family, or friends you have what I call Pumpers and Dumpers. Folks that inspire you to be more, and folks that want to see become nothing. Now there is psychology to how a dumper and pumper are created. And what motivates them personally. But I will save that for another day (NLP trainer coming out).

Pumpers. They are in your corner. They inspire, motivated and promote you. They are give you ideas, encouragement and support. They want you to win. Often because if you win they win indirectly. YOU WANT these Folks. Get more of them. AS friends. AS business associates. AS mentors. AS a love. The more you have, the more you will have.

Dumpers. For some reason, they come up with all the reason, you can’t do it. You have a GREAT idea, they tell how it will not work, or how you are good enough to make it happen. And if you hear, I can’t, You can’t, enough, you begin to belief it. In fact often, they just dump on you they dump on everyone. I had one of these in my life (family). I had to stop listening. I had to distance myself from them. YOU MUST escape the dumpers. Either get rid of them, neutralize them, and hopefully replace them with a PUMPER. Often a dumper, says things like: That wont work, you can’t, you will fail, your not qualified, your too young, your to old, I tried that, the economy is terrible, I CAN”T. And the moment you hear I can’t, I say personally SAY I Can. You can’t but I can. Or ask myself the question HOW CAN I. Someone has.

So, a consideration. Look at your life. Look who supports you and who does not. Who is positive and who is not. And make decision. Do I really want this person (family, friend or biz) to continue to impact me (negatively). If not get rid of them, or minimize time with them.

Just a thought for your future success.

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