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Use Quotes to Motivate and Inspire


Any quote can be used for an indirect message. Find quotes that are relevant to the process of selling.

“Indecision will steal you blind.” — Charles J. Givens

You have just told them to make quick decisions. If you use a number of quotes from famous people or books and include them in your sales presentation, it will have an immediate impact. Because someone else said it or it is in a book, it is accepted as fact.

So think about selling: what are common experiences that people have about making a decision? Are they afraid? Do they need to act quickly? Is there a loss if they do not act?

Can you find quotes directly related to your business or products that help people decide?

“It is best to be right about the big decisions, of course, but it is downright disastrous to let fear of being wrong keep you from ever sticking your neck out.” – H. C., A Topical Letter, IBM Management, Dec. 23, 1968SALES CODE

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” – Peter F. Drucker

I love quotes. They are indirect ways for me to suggest my message. I have used other people’s quotes in my presentations for years to address:

  • Fear
  • Decision Making
  • Loss
  • Winning
  • Wealth
  • Leadership
  • Apathy
  • Family

I even have some of my own:

  • “The greatest prison is the prison of self doubt.”
  • “Decisions are like gunfights; be quick or be dead.”
  • “Abundance and discipline are good friends.”
  • “The laughter of a child can give you more joy than a million dollars; however, you can make them laugh more often with the million.”Use

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