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Changing a Belief

Here is what you do to change your belief system. Yours or Thiers:

  1. Identify the negative belief.
  2. Create doubt that the belief is true, necessary or serves you.
  3. Create the opposite belief.
  4. Justify the opposite belief.
  5. Create a positive reward associated with the new belief.

Another key element is to check and see if there are any conflicting beliefs that may need to be changed. For example, if you are developing the belief that good closers create pressure on prospects, but you have a personal belief that people don’t make other people feel uncomfortable, you will need to change your initial belief and align the second belief. Review the following example.

Negative Belief Example

  1. Identify the Negative Belief:
  • “I believe I should not pressure the client. It ruins the relationship.”
  1. Create doubt that the belief is true, necessary or serves you:
  • Ask questions!
  • Why? Aren’t there people who expect to be closed? In fact, you probably won’t buy from someone   who never asked, would you?
  • Is this true all the time?
  • Are there cases where pressure is good for the client?
  • Does this belief help me?
  • Do I need to believe this?
  • Is this belief holding me back?
  • What is the cost of this belief?
  1. What is the opposite belief?
  • “I believe I should pressure the client to buy for their good, the good of the company and to make the sale.”
  1. Justify the Opposite Belief:
  • It will help more clients.
  • The company will benefit.
  • It will make selling the next time easier.
  • My openness will build better relationships.
  • What is the reward?
  • I’ll make more money.
  • I’ll be able to take my family out on occasion.
  • I’ll improve my lifestyle.
  • I’ll give to charity more often.
  1. Are there any conflicting beliefs, and how do I realize them?
  • “I don’t like to make people feel uncomfortable.”
  • Discomfort motivates people to action, and I want to help people take action in their lives.
  • It will help people.
  • It’s good for them and me.

ACTION PLAN: Okay, it’s your turn. Pick a belief and work through the change.

  1. Identify the negative belief.
  2. Create doubt that the belief is true, necessary or serves you
  3. Create the opposite belief.
  4. Justify the belief.
  5. Create a positive reward.
  6. Remove a conflicting belief and re-align the belief.

By the way you can use this same technique for getting rid of some of your negative personal habits.

˜ What are the Beliefs of Top Closers ™

  • I believe in my company and product.
  • I can close anybody..
  • I know dozens of closes.
  • My price is justifiable and great value.
  • I need and deserve the sale.
  • I am a great closer.
  • I don’t need a callback, I’ll close the sale today.
  • I can deal with a variety of people.
  • I’m confident.
  • I know lots of closing questions.
  • I can get anyone motivated to action.
  • I help people make decisions.
  • I help people.
  • I read customers well.
  • I present well. EPIC: Entergy Passion Influence and Closing
  • I always get more than expected.
  • Everyone should have this product.
  • I deal with objections easily.
  • I realize 80% of sales come on the fifth close.
  • I apply as much pressure as needed to get the sale

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