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Formatting Your Presentation

Strategy: Format your presentation for maximum sales

We use education to teach and sell. Does not matter what the end pitch is about: Stock, Real Estate or Small business. You have to get the message in the allotted time. Either 2 hours, or 2 days (yes, I know we do 3 days). But you have to get your sales message in before they go home on Day 2. They make the decision on that evening, and justify it, positive or negative on day 3. I identify them as 8 Sections. Either 8 15 minutes sessions (2 hour preview) or 8-75/90 minutes sessions (workshop).

Each section has 5 elements. They are as follows:

  1. Topic/Content/Data/Strategy. Focus on a topic (from the brochure or benefit of your product). A strategy, “one of 8” from an advance camp. You can learn more…. Data piece for analytical folks. Nice to know. Stories MUST have purpose or drop them. A fun story is not that useful in selling, un less it has message or deals with an issue (objection). You should consider learning stories from Zig Ziglar on objections.
  2. Example/Story/How. An example of how this makes money or changes your wealth and life. Improve live style. Make a fortune. Walk away from JOB. Never all the how. Create codependency, caution, and doubt they can by self, fear or missing pieces.
  3. Each session must deal with an objection. Time, Money, Fear, Value, Apathy, Comfortable, My Plan, Government, or Retirement
  4. Loop/Link. Link back to education. Loop back course mentors (getting the information). Symposiums. What mentors do. All this information should be laid out long before the pitch. In little 4-6 minutes pieces. So, you are not HARD selling in your close.
  5. Close/Action/Anchor/Theme. Create an anchor. “Run to the back to get this bonus”. Develop a theme “when you learn you earn”. Use Questions to instill wanting. Q: How many of you want more? How many of you want the Boat? How many of want travel? How many of you want the X? How many realize there is a direct link between Learning and Earning? How many of you want to Earn More? Then Learn More! Did u learn something in this section? How many of you want more?

Here is an example from a recent planning session with a speaker:

Topic: ESBI/Beliefs/Treat as Business Story/Example: Rich Dads life. My life. Debt. Objection: My plan (work) is working. Attack! Link/Loop: Page 3, Core. Mentorship. Close/Action: Q: How many of you want….. Topic: Foreclosure and Short Sales  
Topic: Circle of Wealth. Whole sale. Topic: Rehab & forced apprec.
Topic: L.O.B. and Contracts. Topic: Commercial
Topic: Market Segmentation. Topic: LOB. Dovetail. Pitch

Plan your sales work, work your plan. Work on your presentation 4-8 hours every week. Improve. Add language. Work an objection. Become a wordsmith. Get serious about this CRAFT. Be the best you can be! See you at the TOP!

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