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Three More Powerful Patterns

X or Y.

The word “or” causes us to pick one or the other option. Combine this language construct with two identical options and you create a confusing pattern which forces the client to select an option. “Would you like your appointment at 2:30pm, or mid-afternoon?” “Most of our clients select level two or the middle level.” The technical term for this pattern is called a double blind. The two options are essentially the same; this confuses the mind, and the mind is always trying to make sense of things. Therefore, it selects just one. One out of 100 people will say, isn’t that the same? Just nod and don’t say a word. They will select one.

As soon as X, Y and Z, begin to notice A.

This language pattern uses conjunction and implication to have a message accepted. Due to the pacing nature of the first three statements, X, Y, Z: therefore, “A” must be true. “As you listen to my presentation and you sit in your chair and you are exposed to all sorts of new ideas, begin to notice how motivated you are to action.” The three statements can be anything; “As you breathe, as you look, as you listen, then you will…A.”

Flip-flop, or flop-flip, or just X.

Confused? Your client will be, for a moment. You need to keep in mind that the brain needs to make sense of statements, ideas and language. It looks for recognizable patterns. Basically, the first pattern confuses the mind for a second, and then the mind sees a recognizable pattern.

“You can choose to remember nothing or choose nothing to remember or realize just how important this information is to your success.”

The mind discounts the first part and only catches the second part (that makes sense).

“I couldn’t remember my name and my name couldn’t remember me or was it that I just felt comfortable with my decision.”

Any confusing statement prior to your exact message usually works.

Caution: a few people will ask you to repeat the statement. Don’t. Just say, “It is not important…just remember, X.”

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