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Content vs. Context Selling

Strategy: Content vs Context Selling

Ok. I have run into this a few times, where there is a major message in training about moving to CONTEXT presenting, vs CONTENT messages. Folks rationalize you have to have the context, before the content. That is simply not true. In fact if you focus purely on context messages, you are making the Drivers and Analytic folks crazy. Worst if that is all you do in the first few hours of presenting (context). I pretty much can guarantee the driver is on his way out the door at lunch, and the analytical would be too, but he has a high degree of need to complete the day. J Those you who understand analytical social styles got that message. Truth is context appeals to Amiable (heart) and Express (diamond). Content appeals to Driver (spade), and Analytical (club). WE SELL to BOTH! Oh Buy the way, the DRIVER has money! He is already successful.

Look the answer it is NOT one or the other. You can do both at the same time. All you have to do is start with CONTENT, and bridge to CONTEXT every once and while. It will appease the whole audience. You will sell more, and lose less people. In particular driver (who have money).

Here is an example. You teach ES/BI CONTENT (Teach it!). Group, or individual. Drive home the points (systems, tax advantage, You can bring CONTEXT into the equation, the beliefs systems of the two groups. You can know address the mind set issues of the poor and rich. For example:

  • Debt is a Bad thing Debt is GREAT thing. Good debt.
  • Self or Team?
  • Hard knocks/do yourself or Education/Mentor

Now Folks that appeals to ALL styles! You taught me something (the benefits, characteristics, and value of each side ES vs BI. And you talked about the context (mind set). NOW, I would take it one step further. Cause they are going to agree with you, it valuable to change behavior and beliefs, but it does not mean they understand the pro or cons of change. Drive it home. Ask them what life will be like if they do change, and if they don’t change. If they make a decision or not. Move to the right side, not the left side.

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