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Use the BELL Technique

Each slide should be a selling slide. Each encounter, a selling encounter. Whether you lay down a hook for future action, or reinforce a speaker concept. Keep in mind, moving clients closer to the sale. Along the path, I started using, what I call the BELL technique. BELL stand for.

  1. Big Claim. A logical, result of the strategy, tactic or content you are sharing.
  2. Emotional Benefit. One of the 10 that motivated folks to action (safety, success, friendship)
  3. Loop. Loop to your product or service.
  4. Link. Link to your product or service.

Let me give you an example from a 3 day Real Estate workshop. We are teaching a Whole sale strategy. So the conversation, might go something like.

Buy Now, you are wondering about wholesale. In fact there 8 specific strategies, you can learn about how to wholesale a deal. I am going to teach you one of the 8. How many people want to learn all 8? (LOOP—need to complete). Well put that in your action plan, for the future.

Right now, I want to show one, that is very powerful. If you master this one strategy, you will have more gold in your future, than your past. You can start to do real estate and make 5k, 10k, 20k a month. depending on how many you can find and negotiate. (BIG CLAIM). If you have limited funds this is were you should start doing deals. One a month could be 60k a year or more.

Would an extra 5-10k a month, make a difference in your life? Would you be able to live a better lifestyle. Could you drive a better car? Give more to your family? Send you kids to the college of their choice not the college down the street. (EMOTIONAL). How man want the cash? How many want to change the lives of their kids? How many want to learn, this strategy?

TEACH…. Then.

Turn to page… At wholesale camp, done by…….. We cover the other 7 ways to do wholesale. They are, x, y, z. In fact you can make more than 5k a deal. In particular if you do commercial. My friend and mentor John, did an assignment of contract on some raw land. He actually, go the land under contract, with an assignment clause, then went marketing to big corporations. He end up assigning to Walgreens, for a 100k. If you have not money, these are great. But you can use in appreciating areas, land development areas, to assign your right to developers, or commercial folks for BIG BUCKS. 

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