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Closing skills are the canvas we must paint on. They are the foundation for master works of art. Like art, there are many different interpretations. Some you like, some you don’t, but the true art appreciator looks at all the various styles and selects the ones that are comfortable. In this material you will find a number of closing techniques and approaches. They all work, so see which ones feel comfortable to you. Examine them all and try them out.

Strategy: Use the Alternative Choice Close

One of the oldest and most effective closes is the alternative choice close. Rather than asking for the order, ask a question to which the answer is yes, or yes. For example:

􀂾 Would you like that in blue or red?

􀂾 Do you want two or three years of service with the computer order?

􀂾 Did you want 500 or 1,000 units?

􀂾 I can meet with you at 4pm on Thursday or 9am on Friday.

􀂾 A half or a full order?

The answer to the question is a sale no matter what.

Here are some ideas, from the real world of seminars:

  • Are you thinking of doing the Business Builder or the Master Investor programs?
  • Are you paying buy Credit Card or Check?
  • Did you want to add the Software, or not?
  • Did you want to prepay the service for a year or buy each month?
  • Are you thinking about a package with a mentor or without?

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