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Create Deadlines for Urgency

Strategy: Make deadlines to create a sense of urgency.

Sometimes prospects have a tendency to drag their feet when making a decision. The Friday close is simply a technique to create pressure on the client and get business completed by Friday. Make Friday a deadline for you and your prospect. Every Friday, you do your call back to wrap up business.

􀂾 After Friday, I can’t guarantee the same price.

􀂾 The incentive is only available until Friday.

􀂾 I only have permission to offer you this great deal until Friday.

The statement creates pressure to buy now – even if you mean next Friday, or the Friday after.

Closing is a matter of confidence and competence. Your belief about closing determines whether you are a good closer or a poor one. Effective closers have the confidence to close five times in every call. Change your personal beliefs about closing. Using the five step process and develop the beliefs of top closers. Remember:

􀂾 Closers are assumptive in nature.

􀂾 Closers create value in their product.

􀂾 Closers reduce objections easily.

􀂾 Closers apply pressure.

􀂾 Closers have a specific game plan.

􀂾 Closers memorize specific closing language patterns.

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