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Dealing With Student Fears

Strategy: Dealing with FEAR

Students often have or create fear when making a decision. Good instructors, have set the tone for fear. For example, saying WHEN AFRAID, TAKE A STEP! But even then, students will have fears. So here are a couple of ways to deal with the fears.

  • Successful people often had fears. But when fear raised its ugly head, they took a step forward any way. Pick successful person, and talk about their challenge. Sylvester Stalone (hundreds of rejections for rocky). Tell a story of a successful person.
  • Probe their own past. Let me ask you a question, do you drive, have a driver license? Do remember when you first learned to drive. I imagine it was scary and you started slow. Likely with an instructor (even that instructor was mom or dad). At first you saw everything. You were looking in the mirror, looking at other cars, noticing your hands, and feet. Trying to read the signs and watch for traffic. After a while it became automatic. The same is true of learning real estate. If you have good teacher (and we have some of the best). It becomes automatic. You don’t even think about it anylonger.
  • Public Speaking. (mind read). Most people are afraid of public speaking. In fact, that was my greatest fear in life. Do you know, your fears hold you back in life? FEAR is one of the most destructive forces around. It stops you from taking action. Action that can change your life. You must confront fear. One of my mentors said, when fear raises it’s ugly; you must take a step anyway. It is the only way to get outside your comfort zone. Theme: Take a STEP!
  • Fire walking. When you are standing in front of 2000 degree, hot burning coals. And you can feel the heat on shine bones, you have fear. No question, but you just have trust the instructor, knows what they are taking about. And take a step any way. You know there is a trick to fire walking. If I can get you to take the first step you are very motivated to take the rest. That is a metaphor for life. If you take the first step in property investing, you are on the path, it is easier to take future steps, once you get over the fear of taking the first step. When fear raises its ugly head, take a step anyway. Like John Wayne says, Courage is being sacred to death, and saddling up anyways.
  • Ben Franklin. Lets put the reason you want to do training on the right hand side, and the fear on the left. Question. Is the value, of the training, the lifestyle worth more than the fear? Then do it.
  • Minimize Value of fears. If the person is afraid of losing money. Put it in perspective. Well let me ask you question. Did you go to university or college. What was the cost of that 3 or 4 year degree? 80k. Did that give you an income stream? Real Estate does. Are you ever going to be able to retire on the job income Real estate does. Do you see how you have a 3 million dollar retirement plan. Is that work 30k?
  • Tap their Strength. Ok what fear did you have in the past? About buying something or doing something? What did you do, or say to yourself to get yourself over the hump. And take action. Should you do that now?

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