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Sharpening the Saw

I am a student of success. Always improving my skills. I believe professional sales people must sharpen the saw regular or you are working with a dull axe. Which is tough to cut down trees.

A little while ago, I spent 3 hours listening to Jordon Belford (Wolf of Wall Street). Listening to his take on selling. Here are few comments, suggests, and techniques from Belford:

  • Get your inner game in place. You have to believe in yourself and product.
  • Get your outer game in place. Learn the skills of sales. Number 1 be a closer. Know your product , features and benefits.
  • You have 4-14 seconds to establish 3 things with your client.
    • You are sharp. Not dull. Quick. People want to be around you.
    • Selling is the transfer of emotion. You have to be excited and passionate.
    • You are an expert. You know the subject.
  • You must control the sales process. The “straight line” to the close. Do not let the client control the situation. Never buy in to the client’s problems.
  • General to Specific Process: build rapport, gather intelligence (info about client), general at first, specific later one, create certainty about your product, establish pain, give a solution, future pace the choice, and close.
  • Clients buy on “Certainty”. They are certain it works (guarantee). They are certain you can help them. You have to use emotional and logical reasons to create certainty with the client. There 3 things they must be “certain” about:
    • You.
    • The Product.
    • The Company.
  • Everyone has an Action Threshold. If they are not acting. You have not painted a picture of the reward (future pace them getting the benefits of the product), or you have not established enough pain.
  • If they are not moving, you MUST amplify the PAIN (Didn’t I just talk about that by creating a sense of urgency? Attack: retirement, 401k, time left, lifestyle, family generations, and relationships).

And the number one skill in LIFE. Is Closing! Close your kids. Close your spouse. Close your boss. Close your subordinates. Learn in detail the skill of Closing and believe in yourself!

How many closes do you know? Ben Franklin? Minor Question? One more Reason? Good Story? Contingency? Scrooge? Compliance? Double Bind?

Good Closer know at least 5 closes. GREAT closers 15 or more! Do you want to be GOOD or GREAT?

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